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I am writing this letter asking to be let out of my lease due to several service failures and environmental issues. This summer I have encountered several unacceptable mishaps that I or no other tenant should have to deal with.

In this letter, I will in full detail describe each encounter and the turnaround time in which they were fixed. Air conditioner On Monday June 12, I called emergency maintenance because there was an unusual smoke and odor in my apartment that was causing my eyes to burn and water. The maintenance technician came and checked inside and out the apartment to figure out where it was coming from. When he checked in the furnace room he discovered that the furnace was frozen but the fan was still running and that was where the smoke and odor was coming from.

He disconnected the furnace, the thermostat, and the box outside on the wall that hooks up to the AC unit. He then said he would come back the next day to see if it had thawed out. Tuesday June 13 the maintenance tech came to check to see if the furnace had thawed, he said it was still frozen (it was 97 degrees and 96 degrees the day before) but he will keep coming back to check it. He never came back.

Wednesday June 14 I called the rental office to get an update on what was going on. The rental office employee informed me that they werent sure of any details regarding my Maintenance request but would have a maintenance supervisor call me with an update. No phone call was made to update me on the status of my request or to inform me of when someone would be out again. Sunday June 18 I went to Mal Mart to purchase fans for my apartment because the constant 90-degree weather was becoming unbearable and my son has some respiratory issues.

Monday June 19, I called the rental office again to see if an update was available. Again, I was told a maintenance supervisor would give me a call back regarding this issue. When the maintenance supervisor called me back he stated that a part had to be ordered and once the part came in they would be out to fix the air conditioner. Another week went by and still no air.

Friday June 29 a contractor came out and fixed the air conditioner. He explained it was a simple fix and either the maintenance techs that were coming out didnt know what they were doing or they just didnt feel like dealing with it, but either way it shouldnt have taken this long to be fixed. Dog *** and urine On July 28, I called to complain about the dog *** outside of my patio door. I dont have a pet and I dont want any dog waste outside of my door.

My son is restricted from playing outside and I am restricted from opening my windows because it reeks of dog ***. The dog also urinates on the patio on the 2nd floor and the wood soaks up the urine so that gives off a bad odor as well. When I walk out of my patio or sit outside of my patio all I can smell is dog urine and ***. This is very displeasing.

This also isnt healthy for inhalation. Due to the recent heavy rains the *** has washed away. However, if it wasnt for the rain I would still have *** on the wall next to my patio entrance. I have complained several times about the pets in the building and the lack of clean up behind them.

Water Problem Wednesday July 5, I came home and the Master bathroom floor was soaked with water. Wasnt sure why or where the water came from just knew it wasnt there when I left out. I assumed that the neighbors above me may have left the sink on or the tub overflowed. However, I called emergency maintenance to have someone check it out.

I spoke with dispatch and he told me that he paged for someone to come out to check everything out. No one ever came out. Saturday July 8, I saw a rental office employee and explained what happened and she checked to see if a ticked had been placed. She told me that she see where a ticked was placed, but there was no notes and the ticket had been closed out.

She told me she would create another ticket for someone to come out and look, but no one ever came. Friday July 14, water was pouring out of the exhaust vent like a sprinkler. I called the rental office and explained what I was witnessing and was told someone would be right out. Of course, no one ever came out.

Wednesday July 19, I heard a noise coming from the bathroom and saw water dripping rapidly from the ceiling above the tub. I also observed multiple water pockets where water was gathering but hadnt broken through to begin to drip. AGAIN, I called the rental office and asked what is going on and why hasnt this issue been resolved. When I called two weeks ago, when the issue initially started.

Apologies was given and once again I was told someone would be out to access the situation. The maintenance guy came out and said the neighbors upstairs tub overflow drain wasnt working properly and thats where the water was coming from. Therefore, their soiled bath water was pouring down into my apartment. This is not only disturbing, but its also a biohazard to have soiled bodily water to leak into someone elses home, especially their bathroom.

I have sent two complaints to corporate and it wasnt until I mailed a complaint letter including pictures illustrating everything did someone come out and fix my ceiling (August 21). I requested maintenance on July 5 and August 21 is when this issue was resolved. That is totally unacceptable and unsatisfactory customer service that was provided. Customer Service Saturday August 5, I went to pay my rent at the rental office because the online portal is once again down.

A leasing consultant made a copy of my cashiers check and stamped and dated my receipt. Sunday August 6, I received a phone call from Nakia, leasing manager, at 10 am (the rental office doesnt open until 12 noon on Sundays) stating she was not going to process my rent payment due to a delinquent balance of $592 and that I could bring the past due amount to the rental office or come pick my cashiers check up at noon when the office opened. I asked why did I have a past due balance and she told me from past due water bills. I asked her could she give me a usage summary of my water bill she told me I could speak with Brenda, the property manager.

I asked to speak to Brenda and Nakia then told me she wouldnt be back in the office until Wednesday August 9. I reminded Nakia that it was a Sunday and financial institutions were closed and the online portal was down so there was no way for me to bring the past due balance anyways. Nakia then told me if I didnt bring the balance she wouldnt process my August rent payment of $1260 and that she would also be adding late charges and fees to August rent. I asked her how can you assess late charges if my rent wasnt late?

Nakia then told me I either pay it all now or take it to court, but either way she wasnt processing my payment and late fees and court fees would be attached. I asked Nakia for a detailed print out to show me my month by month break down of water usage and she told me to go to court. It is totally inappropriate to call a tenant on a Sunday morning before the rental office opens to harass me about a past due balance that she couldnt provide proof for. Not to mention if I had needed something from the rental office I would have to wait until noon to get in touch with someone but Nakia had the audacity to call me and disturb my morning.

Monday August 7, I went on line a filed a complaint under the customer feedback link explain everything I had been dealing with since June 12 when the air conditioner stopped working. Tuesday August 8, I received an email from Brenda Freije, Property Manager, saying she would be back in the office on Wednesday August 9 and she would look in to this situation and get back to me no later than Thursday August 10. Thursday August 10 I received no follow-up phone call or email. Friday August 11, I called the Morgan properties Corporate Customer Service line and left a message for someone to please call me back in regards to everything I had been experiencing.

Later that day I received a call from Brenda. Brenda explained she hadnt forgotten about me and she would call me by the close of business on Friday August 11. Monday August 14 received a call from Brenda again saying my monthly water bill is supposed to be paid with my monthly rental payments. However, the water bill statements are mailed out separately so how am I supposed to know what the charges are from month to month?

Brenda explained that for some reason the water bill statements come back to the rental office instead of the tenants homes. I then asked how can the tenants be held accountable if they are not receiving the bill and they are being held at the rental office and we are not being notified. Also, that the online portal is always down so you cant check the online portal either. Wednesday August 16, I sent a letter to the Morgan Properties Corporate Office asking for my Lease to be terminated due to failure to maintain fit and habitable premises.

It is unfortunate to have to constantly call and complain about the same issues. Customer service should always be held at a high standard and I feel like at this rental office that isnt the case. I believe that if it was a different demographic population the customer service would be different. Calling or sending messages to corporate doesn't help because they have the same attitude as the local staff.

Customer service isn't a priority or standard here. Like the previous review stated worst place ever!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Morgan Properties Diamond Ridge Apartment Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: My lease terminated with no penalty to me.

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Omg!!! My daughter is dealing with the exact same thing in texas.

The management company is BH Management. All the problems you are having PLUS she had Rats!!!!!

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