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I lived at Diamond Ridge, Baltimore Md. I paid my rent online and when I went on there today, it says that you applied my security deposit of $300.00 to my final rent payment which is a lie, and you have my final balance as $900.00 when my final balance was $1300.00 and I paid it online. This is fraud, I want my security deposit back and Dana from the property, in email, stated I could come pick my payment up because I don't have a forwarding address when it's ready. I eant my paymeny now. I even forwarded emails to Kim, Susan, Rolling Winds, Corporate and Diamond Ridge leasing with me being in need or repairs and all I recieved were phone threats from Nakia over and over again. You asked me to remewal, I told you No in email by your requested due date and even emailed you when I left.


Ms. Lewis

7400 Brixworth Court

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I would be happy to look into this concern if it has not already been addressed. Please feel free to reach out to me at

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