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Price is way to high had to move out and now they want 7000$ for *** i didnt even do i never used the dishwasher once they want 100$ for that 799$ for carpet that was perfictly fine when i left 3000 for not giving 60 day notice my girl lost her job we tried to pay the rent but couldnt so we had to go its rediculious and i gave them almost 5000 when i first moved in so where is that money i know 1 months rent came out of that but they are just keeping that to on top of 7000

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Morgan Properties Verified Representative

Thank you for taking the time to post a review, the cost of breaking the lease without 60 days notice is in the lease you signed with the property if you would like a copy we would be happy to send this to you. If you have any photos of the state of the apartment before you left please feel free to share them with me at so we can look into the fees for your dishwasher and carpet.

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