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WARNING; What your going to read will OutRage you! I lived at Mariners Cove for over 3 yrs and once called it my home.

Went on every site giving grand reviews every where. Within the first 6 months I lived there I thought everyone was so friendly, even the Maintence manager. Saying hello all the time, asking me if I needed anything every time he saw me. His name was Neil for those of you that moved in when they first Re-Opened.

I did have a Maintence issue and Neil came to take care of it. My roommate was at work at this time so I was the only one there when he showed up. As he is in my apt working, his friendly chats turned to SEXUAL HARASSMENT. Not aggressively, but was 100% sexual harassment.

I didn't know what to do at time, most say well I would of told him to get the F&&ok out. NO you wouldn't, because that's what I would of said to someone also. No one understands until it happens to them. The only thing I could do was not answer him and act like everything was fine because I didn't Want to turn aggressive.

So what I did was hit voice record on my phone!! lol I have a workers comp lawyer and when I went to go speak to him I through what happened with him in to our conversation and let him listen to recording. He advised me of the laws and how I could sue Morgan Properties Corp because he was working while this happened. He made a copy and told me if I want to pursue this I have 1 yr but the sooner the better.

He also advised me Not to let anyone at all listen to recording. At that time only my roommate had heard it. As days went by, I started feeling very withdrawn and was constantly trying to figure out what made him think he can speak to me that way. Then I started thinking it was something I did!!

When I saw him around my building I wouldn't go outside, if I saw white van I would go outside. Then 1 night I had dinner at my neighbors I had just met which she also happens to work in leasing office. She did not like him very much because of the way he spoke in front of her. So I ended up telling her what happened and also that I didn't know what to do because now I was worried if he does this to someone else maybe younger or more naive that something very bad could happen.

Then on the other hand I was also scared to say anything because of repercussions from him. The next day she called me and told me she told the property manager what happened but anonymously. She asked if she could tell Kayte PM at time it was me. I told her my concerns but decided to say ok tell her.

Later on I received a call from Kayte about what happened and told me she needed to take a report. I was hysterically crying as I had to repeat his disgusting words and Kayte not one time apologized for what happened nor acted like she cared! I was told from her she will tell me what is going on with him after she speaks to him. Over a week went by and I didn't leave my apt, I was on Workers Comp at the time and I needed medication to pick up.

My neighbor that lives next door was on break and stopped over and I was extremely upset because I couldn't leave apt because he was working on my building at that time. So she offered to go to Walgreens and pick up my Med for me. She had left and I get a text from HIM!! I started shaking and I couldn't even read it.

My neighbor came back with my medication and saw I was a mess and was giving her my phone to see the text which I still did not read cause I was an anxious mess! I was in bathroom with door open and she was in my kitchen while reading it. I remember very clearly Hearing her say " Thst *** Mother F$&$er just admitted it!! I ran out and was like What?

What does it say?? She read it out to me and It stating; Kayte the PM did not say it was me that made the complaint/Report, BUT from what she had said to him, HE ONLY HAD SAID HAD TO ME AND WAS VERY SORRY!!! Proof of admittance right there. My neighbor called Kate immediately after reading it and read it to her.

I never saw him again after that day. The best thing out of this is that I never received a call from Kayte telling me what was going on or what was going to happen, most importantly now that he proved himself guilty, I never even recieved an apology from anyone from Mariners Cove or Morgan Prop. I didn't tell anyone else because I felt so ashamed!! But let's skip all the in between things because there is just to much to write and let's go to March 2017 for now!

I will write everything but this is the big one. I was once a Flight Attendant and had to resign in August of 2016 due to Health issues only related to flying. Was Diagnosed with severe vertigo after 4 yrs of flying. I loved it so much and tried my best to continue flying for the next yr but continuined to get acute vertigo attacks.

On June 15/2016 I was hospitalized because of an attack and that is when I made decion to resign!! I was able to work but I could no longer fly. From that moment to now, it has been nothing but a struggle to find something I love doing, making enough to cover all bills and it being stable. I lost 46 lbs and my hair was falling out all due to financial stress and keeping a roof over my head.

All my friends and my boyfriend live in Mariners cove and with out there support everyday I would of been doomed due to depression. But because I was surround d by ppl I loved and loved me I knew everything would be ok. Eventually, by March -April I could not make my rent of $1680.00 and was going to get evicted. I made a payment plan with them in court but I was relying on my fed tax refund to bail me out in time.

Well refund did not come and I defaulted on agreement. I spoke to new PM Jehna asking for 2 weeks tops and was told NO. If balance wasn't paid by certain date on agreement she calling for Removal. I Understand this is a business and they want there money but geez.

After that I looked at the positive in it. The financial stress I was under would be gone. I was planning on staying with my aunt and or my Grandmother but my dog (service dog was not allowed) cause of my grandmothers health. Plus my BF and my friends said I could stay with them until I got on my feet.

So I started packing up which was very hard emotionally for me. But again I had so much support from my friends. ALL WHOM LIVE IN MARINERS COVE!!! My eviction date was May 1st at 8:30 AM.

I received a text which I will also show from neighbor who works in leasing office stating that if I drop off key before May 1 st it's NOT considered a Eviction but a Judgement!! So I did all of that! Then I emailed Jehna telling her I dropped ifff key. It I will have to come back with MOVERS because my Bedroom set is very HEAVY ands needs disassembling.

My tenant rights state I have 33 days after sending written letter that proberty left behind IS IN FACT NOT ABANDONED AND I WILL BE COMING BACK FOR IT. Now this part is where it goes sideways very quickly and intentionally and caused me to become homeless and put in the hospital for 9 full days!!! I received email from Jehna stating that if I do not get my Bedroom set out that day, it will be Morgan Property's property. I relayed back about my rights and how many days I knew I had but SHE USED A SCARE TACTIC,Stating Because I dropped of my key the day before I SURRENDERED!!

Lol I called lawyer asap put couldn't get in touch with her about this. I left a vm but my boyfriend came through and found guys to move it that day! Then lawyer calls me back and I explained and shared all emails and was told I was Again FOOLED!! But it was too late because I wanted it out and this to be over with and move on.

I had stayed at my BF for a few nights (lives in Mariners cove) also with my Grandmothers for a couple. My dog was staying with my Boyfriend everyday and night since this happened. Especially because he is my Service dog, I was going to be going to Mariners cove to see him everyday! Then I get another email from Jehna stating she heard I'm residing in an apt in Mariners Cove and every adult residing there needs to pass a criminal background check, the person will receive a cease n desist letter!!

Now that's funny because I was just a resident a few days ago and was EVICTED FOR NON PAYMENT OF RENT ONLY!! I'm not a Criminal, I'm not a Disorderly Tenant never was!! If anything I'm Desirable for the entire community!! Through over 20 text between Jehna n myself about my car being reported seen in parking lot, being TOLD that I WAS PERMITTED TO STAY A FEW NIGHTS WEEKLY AS A GUEST AT MY BOYFRIENDS and that would also go for my other friends that have there own apts there.

GREAT....I stayed with my gam a few nights, came to MC during day but parked my car around block in Green Island because I'm broke and my car is not on there property, so who am I bothering?!

On May 8,9, and day of May 10 I was at Boydriends apt and slept there a few nights like she said I could until at 4:30 she had me escorted off property!! I shall continue this but have to go to work.

Product or Service Mentioned: Morgan Properties Apartment Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You mentioned in this book you wrote that you didn’t want some naive girl to go through what you had to with the worker. Look in the mirror!

What’s with the dog?

Are you blind and naive? WHAAAA.

Long Branch, New Jersey, United States #1338638




I'm so outraged, take some more meds, JUST LEAVE if you don't like it ! Take your own advice.


What do you expect if you don't pay rent. When others complained you told them "leave" and called them liars.

How many lies now.

Karma just got you. Lol

to Anonymous Long Branch, New Jersey, United States #1338639

Interesting you would know that Anonymous... lol

I only attacked them after I recieved a text to do so from leasing office!!

Have those texts too, would you like to see?!

Plus after this happened I went in to FB and told all if the people I attacked, why and that they were right and I apogized!!

So interesting you would know all that. You must know me then if you can read my Facebook posts and everyone I apologized too was NOT Anonymous C$$ts!!

I hope for Morgan Properties and people that work in office at mariners cove, it's not one of you. I can find out because it's my review and I already spoke to Pissed-Consumer reps about this. They are working on it. If it someone from leasing, I will show the texts referring to FB and names!!

Come on why you still hiding out! I speak the truth and I have all the Proof in my Truth also! Mariners Cove is going to be left with Apt 3 Tenants... lol

Where is Kim Boland, what she had nothing to say or would like to help me with.

I will not stop until Jehna feels what I did on May 10-18th. Once the offenses are placed against her, I hope you guys do a better job in putting someone in charge of your Property!


Boo hoo thrown out ha ha



to Jaime ***o #1343884

Long winded boring. You deserved to be evicted you stopped paying rent.

Just because you don't want to leave because as you posted in so many reviews you LOVE mariners cove, best place you ever lived, you even posted pictures of all your dumb furniture. You were NASTY to everyone posting a negative review now your mad as *** cause your banned. That limp apology is BULL s... like you are and your comment that you were prompted by the office to respond makes it even worse.

Shows what a ***, mean spirited person you are. You certainly didn't last here long. The new office manager is just doing her job what do you expect her to do let you live free because you love it there . Life doesn't

work that way.

So sorry! People like you are are used to couch surfing. Poor life choices no one but you made them. There are alot of section 8 housing you sound like you qualify.

Mariners Cove is beautiful, love living there, the people are so friendly and I'm having so much fun. The office managers are always so helpful.

Oh the personal B's of your life has nothing to do with this. Your not allowed on Property *** because you were evicted.

to Anonymous #1441414

leave this lady alone. she had a terrible experience and lost her home. be human people!

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