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We moved in August 8 we moved from Oklahoma for our job. I went on line to look for places to live which I always do since we are in construction and move a lot.

Work this out with office manger we wanted to move in on August 7 drove 1600 miles and 3 days of driving just wanted to get into this place it didn't pass inspection so it wasn't ready for us which we had movers lined up to help us move in. Than got here and it was not at all what the website looked like it was old run down area the only thing that was new was carpet the bathroom was moldy the refrigerator wasn't work right you open bottom the freezer would open open freezer the bottom would open put a request in to get it fixed and they responded so my husband at least level it up than I finally called them they came to fixed said that there was no problem and that since we fixed it we could be charged for it we did it so our food would not spoil very rude and plus found out this is a section 8 we caulk the bathroom our self because it was so nasty the blinds in the sliding back door keep falling out a request in to replace them because the just staple them to put them up never came it did charge way to much money for a dump like this than you charge 10.00 to pay on line than you charge a electric processing fee 10.00 property vacant processing fee 10.00 new account fee 15.00 service charge 6.75. They charged us for the 7th which we didn't get into till the 8. Here are some picture of what it looks like.

Plus there is a lot of yelling around here. Would not leave at night at all I believe what they wrote on there website is not accurate and the people I have talked to here say it is a dump. Here are some photo of this terrible place. I'm don't think I should be charged all these fees.

We rent a place in Yukon OK that is one of your property and didn't have all these fees added on and never had a problem there . The one with the screen the people that live next to us.

I would like to know why I'm being charged for all these fee yes I did pay on line because we were out of town. Please let me know .

Product or Service Mentioned: Morgan Properties Vineland Village Apartment Rental.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Thank you for sharing your experience and I would be happy to look at your charges. All charges for all online applications are the same, no matter if you are out of state or close to the community. Please feel free to reach out to me at

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