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Wrongful Tow

Whom may I speak with to get compensation for being wrongfully towed?

Please send me an email of someone that I may speak to in regards to this matter. my email is attached at the bottom.



I want to speak with someone as soon as possible ! It is in reference to a Delaware location owned by Morgan Properties, I want answers of why my daughter at 17 was able to move into apartment, not getting anywhere



I would like to understand the rationale for charging for parking spaces. I pay close to $1500.

a month. I have never been late on my rent, have actually paid my rent most months on the 23 of the month prior. It is very difficult for some people to pay their rent in the area that I live in. Why are you now charging for parking?

I would have asked at my local office but they closed early today. Perhaps it was in response to residents finding out that their no longer included a parking spot. I would really like to talk to someone regarding this issue. If the office paid attention to my file they would have seen that I have a handicap parking tag and have parked in a handicap spot since the first week of moving in.

The spot that they have assigned me is not only not a handicap spot but it is in the narrowest spot one the strip in front of the building in which I live. This is only one issue that I have with the wonderful place that I call home. Well, to be honest I no longer call it that. There are other issues that I would like to speak to some one about.

I am sure that I am not the only tenant that has questions about all of the things that are mishandled. So my question for you: Can some one from the home office call me?

I do not wish to speak with my local office at this point as I understand many of my neighbors has already tried to get some answers from our office. Thank you in advance for you call.


Please feel free to reach out to me at with your name and apartment community so I can follow up with you.


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