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Even while i have multi issues not fixed leaks refrigerator windows .Now i have These nasty things in the carpet in multi places. When you go to office they have this negative attitude you complian everyday.

If they thing its a joke i don't see none of this as a joke paying $1200+ a month for a infested apt just moved into . A light fell on my head . Leaking under the sink refrigerator drips inside water outside . Wimdows dont open properly.

Screens missing the Vents dont work either cant adjust and screws to big to open and or close. I tried keeping a pos. Then its every day or so something new . Patio doors are like cheap vualts screens on patios doors bent windows are a mess cant open unless you want break them they dont close allthey way sturdy .

I live on 4th floor witha security door .that doesn't work at all . I dealing with second sarcoma cancer fight . Have walk all the way down to open door. The lights in apt shorted in kitchen.

The light globe fell on my head . Still tries be coolness. Now again ALL IAM GOING SAY IS LOOK AT PICS YOU SEE .also i tried paying rent on the site it was multi issues with my email .they setup another account still locked out i informed them numerous times it would kick me out try try .set new account same .then when i could get into the account tried makimg payment set up CC .at end says modify add cancel. Do any of those sends you back to page where cc located says no card yet it would say add another card.

. You tech can see i been having issues over a month jusy after moving in. Went to office had one person Terrance who listened he tried to help. Those females with the attitudes Sic.

I can get along with anyone yet i refrain from the disrespect by people i have modems older than . I asked about disability parking was told multi difrent storys . NOT ONE DISABILITY PARKING SPOT .considering the tight parking a ask may i get a disabled parking space . As i have had my nerves and muscle removed from my thighs (SARCOMA CANCER) and i take care of my mom who has demtia .

.well all i have got was .. A BILL FOR LATE FEEES .. And ignored. .

Again see the pics ...for the Other BIG THING MULTI TIMES . YES WHAT YOU SEE IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU THINK IN THOSE PICS.. also being charges for water thats leaking froma faulty dishwasher. Thats the globe that fell on my head in pic ..

Yet all i get is whats up from a manager ?? . Like iam some 20 something kid ..almost 60yr old And Tired of this disaster looks nice on outside a disaster within .. I TRIED TRULY TRIED TO TALK.

REFUSE TO HAVE MY DISABILITIES BE USED AGAINTS ME.. all i asked do your JOB . STOP THE LACKADAISICAL BS . Respect people you will get it back .Treat people with disrespect and you think it's ok.

.. Filed on behalf of my Uncle ..

Product or Service Mentioned: Morgan Properties Apartment Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Baltimore County, Maryland, United States #1353766

Received a phone call from someone claiming to be from another Property . Stating email was forwarded to wrong person.

Its Monday i emailed again Friday evening and Today also. Somethings really strange ayou are trying multi ways to Make Payment to Tgis Comp. And the none responses. As of Tuesday its no Proper reply.

And a fix to Matters of Payment and Inside my location . They are trying to evict Me .They are making any valid effort to contact me it be two.months i have no clue how they are resolving issue .


Again today i tried to talk to one person in office . The interruptions .

Walking back in office sitting reading text after a said i rather speak to Brenda . Then outloud laughter while reading text . My package supposedly left by post office isnt in the office .my request again asking when while things get fixed ignored . GO LOOK AT YOUR SECURITY CAMERAS OFFICE AT DIAMOND RIDGE 21244 AFTER 530Pm.

Per your local lawyer i was to be contacted about payment issues Still not contacted.

Persistent disrespect. .

Morgan Properties Verified Representative

Thank you for sharing your experience, I would be happy to review your situation with our site team. Please feel free to reach out to me at kim@morganproperties.com with your name.

to kboland Baltimore County, Maryland, United States #1352180

Ok ty . Also i have been try8ng to make 3 months of payments at once .your system has issues.

I tried multi times to inform your staff local and corp office you have people in position who dont grasp IT .and just dont care THEY TOOK ME TO COURT after a went to office multi times to have them say you in here every day complaining. Like iam some teen or 20 something kid . Old enough to be Father like Grand father .with i er 25yrs in FED IT. spoke to your lawyer at court she understood.

And would speak to them . under USMJ a summary session would be held . DISRESPECT. .

More bugs Nothing fixed.

refrig flys leaking water screens windows Havnt ooen simce been here dirty in outside ..CUT MY FOOT ON ONE OF OVER 30 DIRTY NAILS. Patio doors terrible screens water pours buckets and i have Pics and vid to attest to everything even the over 20 attempts to make payment now yoi want charge me another $175 becuase of YOUR INTERNAL MISHAPS

to Anonymous Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, United States #1352520
Morgan Properties Verified Representative

Thank you for the update- please contact me directly at kim@morganproperties.com

to kboland Baltimore County, Maryland, United States #1352635

Will do .. This shouldn't have gone this far .

Appropriate persons will veiw and follow what actions are taking or not to remedy the situation (s) . County. St.

FED. For compliance etc

to kboland Baltimore County, Maryland, United States #1352633

I Dont trust your personal. Giving the prior and todays circumstances .

I may have not been a renter over 30yrs yet the incompetent runs rampant.

As i have heard this from others already multi times . And thats the good way of putting it ..

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