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No one contacted me no one tried to help fix the issue. When I told them I was just going to move they evicted me while I was moving my stuff and wouldn’t allow me access to my belongings breaking a lot of my expensive property.

All they had to do was let me get my property my account was fine and I had no issues until they let that new girl in the office who I found out had a judgement against her for Fruad for illegally using Cable and she also owed a property company herself and coincidentally she owes Henderson and Webb’s and around the time she started sending out these letters to us resident who owed rent from a yr ago that no one ever mention she started getting her pay check garnished sounds like we were getting robbed and scammed to me.

I have a lawyer and I am going to sue Morgan until no one there has a job. Do not move here if you value your health and your hard earned money.

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Morgan Properties Verified Representative

I am sorry to read about your experience and would like to look further into your review, please feel free to reach out to me at kim@morganproperties.com with your name and community name.

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