I rented a 2 bedroom apartment at Waverlywoods Apartments in Webster, NY and was soon very disappointed in the maintenance of the property itself.I had a 1st floor apartment and could literally hear everything in the adjacent apt's, from the walking, to their cell phones vibrating, to the neighbors going to the bathroom.

I expected to hear some noise in a building like that but clearly these are constructed from the next thing up from paper. Upon moving in I soon found out that it was a fight to do laundry. The 2 washers and 2 dryers (card operated, you pre load them with $ at the office $1.55 a wash/1.40 dry) were shared not only with the 5 apts in my building, but also the 5 in the adjacent building. And quite frequently at least one of the washers or dryers was broken.

The windows on the property are the worst EVER! The plastic window kit in the winter is a must or all your heat will escape. Even with the window kit on, draft would come through the windows and blow the plastic off. Int eh summer the AC constantly runs.

Finally my boyfriend and I gave up and got fans for the windows and stopped using the AC since our $ was going out the windows in our electric bill.

Even though the women who work in the office were friendly enough. The property manager showed no compassion what so ever when all of the storage units in the building were broken into and items were stolen out of them. From my unit my Road bike worth $2000 was stolen, another tenant lost 2 bikes out of their unit (they had just moved in that day). Someone popped the metal hinged brackets off all the doors overnight.

A tenant noticed in the morning and knocked on all our doors notifying us. Upon calling the police and the office Waverly response was "call the police, your renters ins will cover it".. well news flash, renters ins doesn't cover the total amount of your lost property. They give you a depreciated amount if you don't have a receipt.

But thanks, good to know one of my neighbors or their crummy friends stole my stuff! It was also great that the emergency maintenance neglected to mention it was a break in and we all had to wait hours for the maintenance guy to come repair the locks. All of this 2 weeks before I was set to move out of that dump!

Don't ever rent from that place!They are terrible!

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Middle River, Maryland, United States #735081

This to inform Morgan Properties about the Manager, and the stuff

they have here in Maryland at Oak Grove Apts. this manager and stuff, you have working. has all the community stalking a lady she is about 67 years old, and this manager been sending the tenants here to torment her day by day. They follow her everywhere she go to. This with her assistance manager her maintenance worker, just torments this women day by day. She send every tenants after her.

where this lady lived the manager has everyone in the building tormenting her. They even try to cause her accident when she is driving. Everyone in this community know about this harassment stocking on this poor women. This harassment started with the other manager and the assistance manager that were dismissed because a complaint this women made about them. And the new manager continue the stalking and harassment against her. The manager and her stuff have this woman in the building tormenting in every way she could. the women is trying to moved but everywhere she go they follow so when she move they could continue stalking and harassing her. This been going on for a long time. The Police dept. known all about it. I'm being anonymous because I don't want the same thing to happen to me.

this women in the building where she lived spray her door with something real smelling. And dirty her door every day because the manager her staff, put her up to do this to her. Maybe since your owner of the...

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to Tenant Mountain View, California, United States #1196654

I know exactly how she feels..seems to be a pattern with how Morgan Community runs this operation..

Manager can't give you a violation for calling the police when a women is screaming a male is running after her.. manager makes it look like (probably will try to cya cover her butt say clerical error.. name to different police agencies. Make it seem were at your place @ the same time.

Another time an officer was at your apt.. when u tell her personal reasons.. family matters.. she follows u around the back yard raises her voice makes a big scene, everyone in the pool hears her..

She has other ppl in the complex watching every move u make.. tells one guy next time hide your head when swimming in the pool when life guard is not present. The life Guard leaves pool area when ppl are in pool. Tried to explain 95 day, older ppl could have a stroke.

He said they should not be here. Should be at stroke center.. boy does he have some growing up to do.. he has to pass the American Red cross test..

#1 thing NEVER LEAVE THE POOL AREA WHEN ANYONE IS THE POOL. Asks if I want a job, I have a video.. Management laughs mokes me, life guard does ppl in pool. Try to call Kevin, health dept was called.

I get the blame.. I never called.. was laughed at all day.. life Gaurd told older lady other day not to say anything ..

they have another plan up their sleeve. When they see me if not buys one lady gets out off pool he locks it up. I was...

I would have sent him the video.. Their are alot more violations.. I have the all the proper codes all written out.

If your handicapped.. I am the only one without a handicap parking..

still waiting for storage.. manager in office knows I need a tub for medical, but other office lady took the apt that opened up, she was worried.. told her WHO CARES DONT WORRY ABOUT IT.. THEN tells her u make under 900 u can get snap.

Help for food. Again on Sunday. 1 yr old with young mom. Life guard leaves pool.

Baby goes under.

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