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Update by user Jan 12, 2016

Despite being informed by past residents and 2 local police officers, legal counsel for the property insisted there were no homicides here. It does not matter, I stand by everything else I have experienced firsthand and/or read in the local newspaper.

Original review posted by user Jan 11, 2016

An agent in the front office brags how she had 5 pit bulls removed in 4 years working here. I told her she has much more to go. Ive been here for less than three months and seen at least 7; 3 in the past month. See photos of this 80 lb monster below that the owner snuck out along the treeline during daytime hours so the staff wouldnt see it. I reported it. Ive seen four dogs running around this month without being on a leash. One jumped on me and my service dog while walking him. When I confronted the owner she spewed anti-Semetic hate speech at me as I was wearing my Kippah during Hanukah. My dog suffered an eye injury and $900 in veterinary bills. Owner still resides here and swerved her car at me and my dog out walking three weeks later to further intimidate us. There is an advertised 40lb and restricted breed list but they DO NOT enforce it.

One leasing agent in the front office yelled at me and my wife the first time I met her for "always belittling her"; we never met her before that encounter. TWO (2) police officers and the property manager were present and witnessed this behavior, a police captain and a sergeant. The staff get upset if you question about "coming soon 24 hour fitness room" as it is not happening after nearly 90 days of residency here. Some of the staff members are blatant racists and just ache for an opportunity to yell at caucasian people.

There are many racist people; extremist, radical Muslims here; always yelling derogatory and sexual, crude remarks at my wife when she goes outside alone for not having a male companion. The parents do not supervise their children when not in school; they yell profanity and crude remarks constantly. We try to use the dog park but always smell Marijuana coming from the area while the kids are nearby at the playground. We dont leave our apartment alone after dark. A drunk couple nearly walked into traffic trying to approach us the other night attempting to instigate an altercation. It is a horrible place festering with domestic violence. Every weekend it stinks of cannabis and the shouting matches and noise sound like a WWE event above and below you. The property stinks of cannabis daily. Police response time is poor; one time did not respond while receiving death threats from another resident. The police have three officers and one dispatcher who live here and they KNOW about the problems but ignore or just dont respond at all. Beer bottles in the dog park and on the grounds. Contractors throw carpet rolls off 3rd floor balconies and leave old rolls in the street and razor blades in grass where pets walk. They drink on the job, drive their company vans after, and leave their empty corona bottles lying on the front lawn with trash they were too drunk or lazy to throw out. See pics below.

Cigarette butts everywhere. Residents leave dog *** everywhere. If you complain, residents retaliate and staff report you to other residents. Property manager makes empty promises and is incompetent. Manager never follows through on complaints and perpetuates the situation. Attorney for property insinuates this review is "defamation" but clearly it is not when you have pictures and police witness the staffs verbal attacks. This property is full of animals, low-lifes and undesirables. Beer kegs on porches for months at a time further corroborate my "Animal House" environment claims. If management cleaned house theyd have no tenants. Drug use is rampant as is a high volume of traffic in and out of property which probably means trafficking here. Property had an apartment subject to drug raid last year, check local newspaper for details. Not safe here. Drug dealing here. Overpriced. Dangerous. Very, very racist residents here and hotbed for extremist recruiting. I have been a victim of a half dozen incidents or more which the property take little to no action on even with witness testimony, photos or cell phone video. I STRONGLY discourage anyone from renting here if you value your safety, security and your dollars as it is overpriced and lacking in comparison to what they advertise. Other residents have told us of past homicides here. BEWARE.

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $900. pugg71 is overall dissatisfied with Morgan Properties and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about morgan properties apartment at Morgan Properties was managers, pricing and facilities Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Morgan Properties Verified Representative

Thank you for your review and i apologize for your experience.As No one should be treated this way.

Please let me know what property you call home so i may look into this further.You can reach me at

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