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After numerous requests by email to management, calling the leasing office this morning and speaking to Sania, I needed a residency letter and leaving voicemail at T Foster, acoountat's voicemail requesting a letter, and sending an email to Kim Boland, who instructed me to go to site to pick up the letter this morning that she had spoken to them at The Townhouses at Diamond Ridge, Ms. Sania said her property manager gave her instructions to tell me that and.

Angela is out and she will be back tomorrow and do the letter. No one had the courtesy to return my calls this morning including me. Foster, Sania or the property manager to give me a response til I walked and once again wasted my time. Ms.

Sania loves to kiss up to the management and doesn't give a damn about the residents. She's professionally manipulative. Whenever I'm speaking to one of the ladies in the she steps in and preventis them from attending to me or tells them what they should tell me and it's usually you got to send emails or she's in a meeting or she's at lunch or so and so is out of the office. She had me wait last Friday 45 minutes to come back and tell me Ms.

Valeria left and I couldn't see her. Little did she know that Ms. Valeria had already advised me to wait for her.

This morning I told Sania, I have been given instructions by Kim Boland to go to site and pick up the letter and she said she had no knowledge of that. I have sent emails to Angela the assistant manager and Property manager voicemail with the account spoke to Sania, went to the office and got NOTHING!!!

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Morgan Properties Verified Representative

The site team has been working to address your concerns. The regional manager and area Vice-president were made aware of all of your emails.

You have also been given direct access to the regional manager. Please continue to work with Valeria and Nicole to address your issues.

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