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Hello, I am writing this email in regards to my week stay at this establishment. I moved into my apartment on August 6, 2016. Thus far I have encountered nothing but problems. My stove is not useable. Three of the burners do not work and when I use the one burner the whole apartment reeks the smell of gas. Since I have moved in I have seen numerous roaches and numerous crickets. I thought that the place gets exterminated before the tenant moves... Read more

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To whom it my concern, I’m write because I had the worst experience being a tenant at Towson Crossing. As of august 11th I came home from work to my lower level apt and water is coming from my ceiling and every room. As I walk in my apartment water drops on my head and as I enter its sound like it was rains and my apt. The ceiling began to come down and all rooms and the apartment. Serval of my items was not able to be repaired. My complete... Read more

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Morgan Properties - Rental Office Incompetence
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To begin with I pay my rent on Friday, August 5, 2016. Why did I received a sheriff letter along with a court paper saying I didn't pay my rent. I'm a long term resident who had never been treated like this before. I had some discrepancy on how the Gwynnbrook Townhomes are being provided to the residents. First they had the Puerto Ricans company come in to do the repair on bathtub and sink. I was there with them, I serve them coffee and... Read more

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Morgan Properties - Vandalism at Lighthouse @Twin Lakes!
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DO not move here!!!! Teenagers rule the neighborhood. Most of them do not live on the property and management does not make them leave. I had a verbal altercation with a teenager that does not live on the property. He and a large group of his friends proceeded to sit across from my building and intimidate me for 2 days. I did not come out of my house and after 2 days I came out to my car with a large hole in it. The resident manager told me I... Read more

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Cocaroach infested. Harrassment from neighbors. Vehicle was keyed twice by crazy neighbors . Parking lot too small no where to park on most days. Building smells aweful. Low class people living around you. Water is shut off often.

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My girlfriend and I were approved for a 14-month lease to a townhouse at The Arbors at Edenbridge (Owned by Morgan Properties). Our desire was to live together near her family while we raise our son, yet to be born. Both of us were very pleased with the location and various amenities. Unfortunately the unit being offered was not ready to be viewed. We were told we could move in a month later and that the unit would be ready in a week to view. My... Read more

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I have lived in the morgan properties for three years. The first two years it was all good cause we lived in the building where the leasing office is, which they keep pretty clean. The 3rd year we requested a 3 bedroom apartment, they lost our lease, shredded our check by accident and gave us a filthy apartment. The apartment bathroom wasnt renewed after the previous tenant moved out, our toilet edges were yellow from people peeing on them. My... Read more

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Good afternoon I'm calling about a water heater problem that I'm having in my apartment this is the third time that I've been without hot water first time I was 2 days the second time I was 3 days and now this is the third time it's been 3 days they offered to give me a key to another apartment complex to take a hot shower I don't think that's right I already put money out over the weekend because I had company and I had to put them in a hotel... Read more

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I'm live in Grand Pointe Apartment.This company falsely advertising(6 weeks free) although I have a paper that shows that, but on the website still showing that we have to pay full amount of rent for first and second months they also charge us for late fee they keep saying that we will fix it but nothing has been fixed yet. 2. We have roaches all over the apartment. I've been telling the management so many times since 3 weeks ago but they... Read more

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All of the Maintenance persons are great except one, who decided to make an "executive decision" and enter our apartment withOUT any notice, unannounced, just to place a Radon test so that they would meet some deadline with an inspection. He walked in while I wasn't home, and my boyfriend was in the SHOWER, and left the test and one of MY Post It notes on a side table. He had NO right to unlock our door and come in, since it wasn't an EMERGENCY... Read more

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